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Cap 70
Race CH
Degree 7
BA Enabled
autoEvent Enabled
max-plus 12
PC-Limit 2
IP-Limit 2
Job-Limit 1
FTW-Limit 1
BA-Limit 1
Union-Limit 1
Guild-Limit 16

Jangan FTW
Castle Owner

Hotan FTW
Castle Owner

Bandit FTW
Castle Owner


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Cap 70 update (13.01.2023) 

Website Design Changed to fit the new 70 cap.

Added new area for job cave (teleport location jangan south gate) .

- Donwhang cave is switched to default state with original mobs and levels , added 2 new uniques to spawn there .

- Added sos/som/sun to drop .

- Restored all items lv to default .

- Added silk scrolls to mall :

 100-buying cost 110

 500-buying cost 530

 1000-buying cost 1050

 5000-buying cost 5200


- Added New Avatars (limited time)  to Mall  :

 those limited time avatars will be changed or increased weekly.

- Added d7 sox upgrade scrolls 

- Added sox scrolls to Job unique Drop ( Tomb uniqe at new job cave )


- Added som acc to Ignition npc :

 Earings - 300m - 70 arena coins

 Rings - 250m - 50 arena coins

 Neck - 400m - 80 arena coins


- Rewards for first 70lv players :

 1st place | 1000 silk

 2nd place | 600 silk

 3rd place | 400 silk

 4-6th place | 200 silk

 7-10th place | 150 silk

 11-20th place | 100 silk 


- Edited Tomb Unique defence and attack skills to fit d7 ( it will spawn in the new Zealots job cave)

- Restored all mobs to its default level and max mob level now should be 70.

- Increased job exp for trader/hunter/thief.

- Enabled all d7 tiers to drop for normal items and Sox .

- Christmas Decoration  has been Removed.

- Added New Quests More info About it in our discord .

- Ingame Rank Reseted and everyone got his reward based on his activity.


Quests Changes :


- Get ignite (Edited)

 hunt Devil mask nachal 10k

 hunt earth ghost soldier 10k

 hunt blind mole 5k

New Quests :


- Memory of frozen kingdom

 hunt 20k penon fighter

 hunt 10k planar

 hunt 10k devil yeti



 1m gold

 80 powders D7

 10 ignition powders D7


- Cave support

 hunt  10 Blind King

 hunt  3 Ghost blind King

 hunt 30k soil ghost bug



 50 silks

 10 ignition powders D7

 2m gold



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