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Server Info
Cap 90
Race CH
Degree 9
BA Enabled
autoEvent Enabled
max-plus 12
PC-Limit 4
IP-Limit 4
Job-Limit 1
FTW-Limit 1
BA-Limit 1
Union-Limit 1
Guild-Limit 16

Jangan FTW
Castle Owner

Hotan FTW
Castle Owner

Bandit FTW
Castle Owner


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D9 Moon Update

●Flame Mountain Forgotten World

○ Added Flame Mountain FGW Pillar to Ignition Shop
○ Added Flame Mountain - The Burning Abyss Collection Quest to Ignition Shop
○ Quest Reward: D9 SOM Weapons of Choice

Cards Drop Rate :

1* Flame Mountain FGW Box : chance to drop one card 15%
Last Boss : Chance to drop one card 15%

2* Flame Mountain FGW Box : chance to drop 2 cards 15%
Last Boss : Chance to drop 2 cards 15%

3* Flame Mountain FGW Box : chance to drop 3 cards 28%
Last Boss : Chance to drop 3cards 28%

4* Flame Mountain FGW Box : chance to drop 4 cards 28%
Last Boss : Chance to drop 4 cards 28%

● Garden Dungeon

○ Added Garden Dungeon Pillar to Ignition Shop ○ Added Garden - The Snow Cave Collection Quest to Ignition Shop. ○ Reward: 1x Seal Of Stat to Seal Of Moon Upgrade D9 Accessory. ○ Gnome (Last Boss) have higher chance to drop D9 Seal of moon shield rate 0.08 %

Cards Drop Rate :

Each unique have chance to drop one card 10%.

●General Changes:
○ Job Boxs now have chance to give som upgrade scroll .
○ Nerfed force debuff from 80% to 50% .
○ Changed all Plus colors from +1 ~ +14 .
○ Added Delay for using zerk at ftw (20min delay) .
○ Removed wrong ctf and BA times at npc chat.
○ Nerfed elixir prices at ignition shop .
○ Level Up Achievements gold reward increased .
○ Strange magic in the mountains (4) Quest required mobs to finish quest have been nerfed from 7500 to 4k & Quest rested for all players .
○ Increase Required CP amount for Hunters Achievements by 50% more .
○ Bandit Fortress Winner guild Reward will get 1bil gold and 10k silks instead of 700m (Reward will be sent to guild master at Schedule time).

● Changes on Zealots Hideout Event
○ Disabled sharing honor points for party members while last unique is killed .
○ Job Kills inside event room will be enabled and counts only during event time from 1st unique spawn until last unique is killed .
○ you can kill same char 3 times max Per each Event run ( Each Job kill will grant you 2 honor points ).

● Drop Changes :
Uniques inside Kalia HideOut Event.
● (Salamander - Sylph - Gnome - Tomb) Uniques drops :

1% som set d9 (set only) 10% seal of star item d9(random)

● Last Event Boss (Tomb)

3% som item d9 (Set Only) 7% Normal Advanced elixir B (weapon or shield) random 15% sos item d9 1% sos to som upgrade (set only). 10% normal to sos upgrade (random) 1% Seal of moon Shield D9

●Demon Shaitan

○ Demon Shaitan 1% to drop seal of moon item ○ Demon Shaitan 20% to drop seal of Star item

● Mobs Drop :

○ D9 Som set will drop with low rate . ○ D9 Som accessory will drop with rare rate . ○ D9 Som weapons Will drop with ultra rare rate . ○ D9 sos items drop rate doubled .

CTF issues :
○ CTF has restored to default since there is nothing we can do on our side regarding it , its mostly controlled filter sided .

Server setup on new Stable host is ready .


Our Old Client will not work anymore .

Last client download links have been refreshed. You can access them at



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